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This page is for special announcements.

Why are we building a new site?

We apologise for any inconvenience to visitors during construction of this new site at www.ukcht.uk

Our old site was designed years ago and the software used to maintain it is at least five years past its sell by. The site code was also ancient. Everything worked until we tried to make some changes to add cookie policy and privacy information to prepare for the new data protection regulations.

Somehow, the script we installed messed up the home page and ruined the code on every other page. When we tried to restore the original home page, it still didn’t work. Of course, we got people with the best of intentions telling us it should be an easy job, but they can’t see the chaos behind the scenes that we can. Restoring a backup did not work. It’s as if the site was allergic to the new script, even after we deleted it.  

For a short time you might be able to view our old courses page on
www.ukcollege-holistic.co.uk/courses.html and follow the links to our old course description pages. As soon as this site is complete that old site will be as dead as a DOS computer. But if you try the Home link at www.ukcollege-holistic.co.uk now you will get a shipwreck of a page. You can click the back link on your browser to get back to the courses page or the course page you were on.

There is no point in rebuilding the old site as it still will be hopelessly out of date. So we had to start this new one, on a different server, in a hurry and we are working day and night at it because everything needs to be ship-shape by the end of May when the new regulations come in. That includes our new newsletter subscription form that can’t be added until enough of this site is ready.

This site may not look ultra-modern but we wanted something that does the job and we wanted it yesterday. You can get plenty of fancy-shmancy templates but then you can spend days customising them for your particular business and taking out the gimmicks and graphics you don’t need. As the saying goes, sometimes less is more. And it’s a good job we know all about stress management!

Thank you for your patience. It won’t belong before we complete this project and you can see everything again in one place.

In the meantime, it’s business as usual and we are accepting enrolments for all active courses. If you need any help with enrolment or finding a course description, we’ll be glad to assist. Just email us at info@ukcht.net

Newsletter subscribers will receive further updates and announcements will also be made on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

In time, we can work on further design improvements to this site, but for now, we just want something stable that works.

Date this was written:  30 March 2018