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UKCHT, in its 25th year of operation, has decided to leave IADL.

UKCHT has been accredited as a college by the International Association for Distance Learning (IADL) for many years.  This year, due to an unexpected fee increase of 57%, we have decided not to renew this accreditation for our college, and so we are removing all references to IADL from our website and course materials.

We are grateful to IADL for their support over the years, but in these times when budgets need to be carefully managed, we feel it is our responsibility to review our expenditure and make changes accordingly so that we can focus on course development.

Since IADL did not accredit individual courses, this does not affect the recognition of any course per se.  If you have a certificate bearing the IADL logo, that was applicable at the time of issue and no action is required.

UKCHT has always been a self-governing school that sought to provide tuition in areas which conventional distance trainings did not cover or sometimes, in our view, covered too briefly.  Our erstwhile IADL membership served to provide a mark of assurance. We have also been operating since 1994 so have established a track record of almost 25 years of distance learning provision.

More recently, our therapy-related courses have been recognised by ACCPH of which we are an organisational member. We are now looking at various forms of benchmarking where suitable.

Also, we are working towards a new independent form of international recognition for our provision of spiritual and metaphysical education, and a further announcement will be made in due course.

The decision to leave IADL was entirely amicable and we wish to point out that during our long membership UKCHT has had an unblemished record completely free of complaints of any kind.

We are unable to respond to enquires about whether we may join any specific body. We can only acknowledge any future memberships etc. when and if they actually are in place. In the meantime, please refer to individual course pages. If a specific accreditation is not on the course page, then that accreditation does not apply to that particular course.

Morris Berg

28 February 2019

UKCHT leaves IADL and is aiming for other recognitions